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Isotope Soap, Pisse, Dealing With Damage, The Long Knives


The Old Blue Last

38 Great Eastern St EC2A 3ES London

Gig Description

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£9 in advance or £10 on the door

A night of punk rock genre expanding from Sweden's Isotope Soap, Germany's Pisse, London's Dealing With Damage and The Long Knives from Kent.

Isotope Soap: "The future of our nightmares might already be upon us. Is it possible that countless dystopian visions is a mild breeze compared to the everyday suffering of modern society? Androids may dream of electric sheep, but they still awake in a brave new world. Or do they? Facing the re-energized threat of nuclear war. Nazis marching on the streets. Terrorists running wild. Cyber bullies spreading their cancer. Millions and yet millions starving while the elite revel in bottomless greed and luxury. Operating in the same musical context as predecessors like Geza X, DEVO, Ism, KORO and Screamers and propelling it into this day and age, Peter Swedenhammar and his brainchild Isotope Soap have created the perfect soundtrack to the paranoid reality we live in."

Pisse are Germany's best kept secret. Staunchly anti-publicity their "Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause" album is constantly being repressed and putting the group unwittingly on the radar. Based in and around both Berlin and Leipzig. Although the group play around Germany constantly to packed room they've never ventured to our vinegar island till now. Pisse owe little to the past and treat it with disregard. They're the most confusing band operating in deutsch punk and squat circles. Too weird for the punks and too punk for the weird kids. This unpopularity is working in their favour.

London-based Dealing With Damage are Ed Wenn (guitar/vocals), Andy Myers (guitar/vocals), Paul Grier (bass), James Sherry (drums). The sub-genre brigade will tell you that they play post-hardcore, but really, DWD are a punk rock band and it shouldn’t need to be more complicated than that. Between them they have been in somewhere near to a million previous bands before and quite frankly, they’re old enough to know better, but they've tried and they just can’t stop, right? This stuff is in their blood. They need to be kicking up a racket, moving forward to the next gig, the next recording session, making friends and meeting kindred spirits in other bands, wiping sweat out of their eyes and grinning at each other from across the stage while the speakers shake the floorboards, screaming about what's on their mind and putting together the next song with care, passion and intelligence in the hope that it will connect with someone out there.
DWD have released 2 EPs on BossTuneage and have a new EP and an album ready for release on Little Rocket Records soon…

The Long Knives. 4 piece DIY punk rock band from Deal, Kent combing 70s punk, 80s hardcore and 90s alt rock. Influenced by REM and Neil Young as much as Black Flag and Minor Threat.

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