Sorry, You are too late. This gig happened a year ago


First and , defo not the last one


The Unicorn

227 Camden Rd NW1 9AA London

Gig Description

Finally after a while we've found the strength + input to carry on to feel motivated to crack on again .

PS : Warning to the troglodyte superstitious : It'll be Friday the 13TH LOL
BTW......... We don't give a shite !!!!!! Init??


The Backstreet Abortions songs are about my life so far Drugs ,sex and abortion. We like to drink and have fun , but I hate heroin for what it has taken from me. If we have a message don’t do smack and if you get pregnant and you can’t afford it abort it!


Eskorputas are London based 3 piece punk-patatero punkrock band tackling issues ranging from homophobia to the refugee issues to femi-nazis in their own unique and provocative way.


Music | Slow Faction

Slow Faction is a 1st generation-influenced punk band with a real London 77 sound. The aim of Slow Faction is simple – to make the music they want to hear; politically-charged songs with big hooks and choruses, reminiscent of the 1st wave of British punk. Slow Faction’s live sound has been described as a cross between The Clash and The Buzzcocks.”


Punk band, London, animal rights, activist, anti fascist. Freedom for all. Raising awareness/funds for things that really matter. Plus making a noise!


Music | Obscene Revenge Official

We are a streetpunk antifa band founded in 2014 . We recorded our first EP “Don’t clean up this Blood” dedicated to victims of G8 summit in Genoa summer 2001",early in 2015 and the second one “This is War” in 2017.
Our first album “Try to Deny This” has been released on 11/24/2018 on all the digital stores (BandCamp, YouTube, Spotify, iTunes... ) and in Vinyl version.
we played in a lot of diy festivals and places during these years all over the europe!
Always playing, touring, planning and searching for new gigs, spreading the protest.


20:00 - 20:30 The Backstreet Abortions

20:45 - 21:15 Eskorputas

21:30 - 22:10 Slow Faction

22:25 - 22:10 Active Slaughter

23:20 - 24:00 Obscene Revenge

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