White City Vultures + The Prods + Cryptids + The Reformers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

White City Vultures – London-based gritty no-nonsense rock band playing original material and covers. Front man Steve Bird calling the shots on vocals, Alex’s searing “madman” leadguitar and Ade’s solid rhythm guitar are all driven along by the engine room – a throbbingly intense bass guitar from Chris and Gary hammering his skin on the drums! Respect to the Vultures! The Prods – High octane punk rock and roll with massive chords and massive attitude of a Godfathers, Pistols, Heartbreakers kind- yes,  a massive guitar sound, and with that great harmonies..but also a beautifully balanced modicum of wry, rapscallion humour.   ‘Losing at darts, beer and motorbikes since 2010. ‘ Gawd bless em.   Cryptids – Ed Graham of The Darkness and KFB fame in a new band…it’s sassy but straightforward melodic rocknroll with a bit of punk, bit of Stooges, tad of metal and psych…done with balls and very rock and roll.  The Reformers-Spritely twisty turny alterno guitar pop with a skanking punkinesss…in fact they’re a ska band (originals mind) but a very punky one- as if 1st album Clash were playing ska basically, neat.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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