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Substance presents Thomas Truax plus special guests .


The Victoria

451 Queensbridge Road E8 3AS London

Gig Description

Thursday 19th of December

Substance presents Thomas Truax

Plus special guests The Billy Shinbow Show + Alex Starling

@ The Victoria
451 Queensbridge Road
E8 3AS

About the venue .....

The music room at The Victoria has been on the radar of gig goers for more than 3 decades and is one of the best live rooms in East London. Ben Heath, who owned and ran infamous Shoreditch club CATCH (2001-2009), joins the founders of DreamBagsJaguarShoes in recreating this club.

In the Spring of 2015 we re-launched the space independently to the pub, working with the industry’s best promoters and building an exciting a new programme of live music and club nights.

The Line up

Thomas Truax
Merging a fevered imagination and solid songwriting with a mad scientist's brain for weird gadgets, American singer Thomas Truax is a true one-off.

UNCUT magazine says "Truax is shaping up nicely as one of the great rock eccentrics" while Splendid magazine called him "one of the five or ten best singer/songwriters in the world that you've never heard exceptional talent."
His evolving "band" of self-made sound sculptures include a motorized drum machine made of bike wheels called 'Mother Superior' and a souped up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', but he never leaves his trusty guitar out of the equation too long.
Thomas crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with things lunar, including various reasons 'Why Dogs Howl at The Moon'. His nine studio LPs include highly-rated covers album 'Songs From The Films Of David Lynch'. Notable supporters and collaborators include Jarvis Cocker, Duke Special, Richard Hawley, The Dresden Dolls, Bob Log III and the late author Terry Pratchett.

His latest album ‘All that Heaven Allows’ has been garnering national airplay on BBC6 and extremely positive reviews.

“He still knows how to pull together albums of real beauty…his duet with Gemma Ray is worth the admission price alone.” -Buzz Magazine

"His gigs are extraordinary, fizzing with showmanship." -Q

"When he performs, it is a spectacle - the originality and seeming impossibility of what he does is much of the appeal." -The Guardian

The Billy Shinbone Show
folk & blues & rock & roll -all my brain & body need....

Right now, The Billy Shinbone Show has finished mixing the debut album! We've had real fun making this record- taking pianos apart, building big piles of amps, digging out Dobros & electric sitars, cheap glockenspiels & cheap accordions, borrowing beautiful expensive mandolins & baritone guitars, making percussion from old motorcycle sprockets & just hitting stuff to see what kind of noise it made. It'll be coming out in the spring on Tiny Dog Records!

At the same time you can catch me playing guitar with the Neville Staple Band, up & down the country, here & there. Yup, that's Neville from the Specials & Fun Boy Three - playing ska, reggae & classic two-tone sounds. It's a great job- I get to play guitar & jump up & down to great music with my friends. Every now & again Flipron get to play a gig or two & you can catch me there too

Alex Starling
Alex Starling has circled the musical firmament for the last decade.

He was integral to the early successes of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, before the untimely death of their lead singer, Charlie Haddon in 2010. Then, with his course altered immeasurably, he undertook solo shows headlining in Germany and the U.S., before forming The Ghosts, spectres of ethereal synth pop. Architects of inspiration and melancholy.

His voice is a mirror to the hopeful and the macabre, as clear as crystal-cut glass, but with a remarkable softness, like memories of dreams and drunkenness, or the comforting words of a friend in a dark room.

Admission .... £8 in advance / £10 OTD

The Victoria is an over 18's venue . ID will be required if you are asked.

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