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The London SS + Dread Messiah + Personality Crisis + Daddy Those Men Scare Me


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

 The London SS– is a name spoken in legends of the UK punk scene of the 1970s. Although the band never released any material (but there are rumours of tape, buried somewhere in the depths of Mick Jones’ old flat) they were arguably as bigger influence on the formation of the infant punk movement as the Sex Pistols. Former members of the London SS went on to form the Clash, The Damned, Generation X. With the Hollywood Brats’ Brady still on guitar from those far flung days and Jimmy McDonald upfront out Iggying Iggy Pop and giving extreme frontman joy…watch yer pint/girlfriend/boyfriend!  Dread Messiah – classic Hackney ‘ardcore outfit back on the road and in the Dublin Castle at last. Personality Crisis – punk covers performed with vim and vigour no doubt coz the pedigree is on point. Ex Angry Samoans   Daddy Those Men Scare Me – ‘a lively group of old men playing punk music’…yes indeed, witty tales of drunkenness, poverty and abject crapness in the English suburbs, a beautiful thing, with some super singalongability and major hooks, barbed hooks at that.

Source: Dublin Castle website