Jonny Blamey's birthday extravaganza


The Stag’s Head

55 Orsman Rd N1 5RA London

Gig Description

50th birthday with music and drums. All on a Saturday night in once fashionable Shoreditch. It's free to get in but please bring cash for the bands.
This decade I met loads of great musicians, including Ian Beetlestone, Kiki Riddly and Dakota Jim. In fact the last decade was the best musically. I bought more albums than ever, perhaps around seven! Bands such as Les Hommes, Soda Fountain Rag, Whisky Moonface, Birdeatsbaby (really good apart from the name), and wild musical experimentation with Stella Dimitrakopoulou and all the Performance Philosophy attendees, the crazy eery sounds of "These Associations", and fucking parakeets in Richmond park, and bird tweets everywhere and the relentless roar of traffic and extractor fans, and Vassilena and Mayah playing the violin, and recording songs like Literary Agent, Hey You, We were in Love, The Universe unfolds with Altes Haus, Nils Kurbis, Harriet oh Harriet and Kiki of course, And loads of cool jams with Daisy and Anya, Crikey I have had an amazing decade.
Well anyway, why not come down for some good old fashioned hipster pints in good old fashioned shoreditch.
I might write something different tomorrow, is there anything I have left out?
Lots of love, Jonny

Source: Facebook