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Rock N Roll Book Club + They Call Me Joyless! + Pete Jones + Julie Hamill Q And A + Special Guests + DJ Tony Bugbear


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Pete Jones – We welcome the former Cowboys International, Department S and Public Image Ltd bass mofo to The Dublin Castle Rock N Roll Book Club tonight where in Julie Hamill will grill him to within a plectrum of his life (maybe!) and you the audience can query him too, or get a selfie, buy a book, get it signed…you must know the RNRBC drill by now! Tony Bugbear will provide the roots, shoots, fruits and cahoots of PJ on the metal boxes and there will be a special performance with even more special guests…yes, for one night only we give you The Book Club Pete Jones All Star Rock Combo Band UK!! The Book?…‘They Call Me Joyless’…It is of course the biography of Pete Jones and his story of rising from a Watford council estate to be become a bass player for the biggest punk icons on the planet. Its a tale of missed opportunities, success, failures, laughter and tears as Pete finds his way to NYC to play and tour with Public Image Limited, and the people he met on the way to becoming a footnote to rock history! Ace.

Source: Dublin Castle website