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Mensvreters - Album Launch Party - Free Entry


The Unicorn

227 Camden Rd NW1 9AA London

Gig Description

We are releasing our new album - BOEF LEWE! To celebrate we are throwing a sexy death metal hip hop night of debauchery! awaiting you; A mysterious dominatrix ready to inflict pain, sexy mutants, gimps and blasting riffs from creatures that escaped from the sewers. We will also be screening our short horror film"South African fried Humans" and our new music video, "Tokolosh tracker". You also have a chance to win a Mensvreters mask and some other prizes in our Raffle!

Joining us are:

Skullfucked - Brutal deathgrind band influenced by forest fires, heavy narcotics and Napalm Death. For fans of Pissgrind and Cluengore.

Sewer trench - Sewer Trench Is a band from London, they play angry and ugly music, you can label it whatever you want. Featuring members from MONAD, Dgorath, BBYB, Annunciation, Magogmagore, Eater Of Man and Clunge Plunger.

Miss Hernia & co - Miss HerNia & Co present a joyously terrifying dystopian scene of a near future where the mutant offspring of our throwaway society exist and revel in our ecological disaster, regurgitating their phlegm-pop songs and expressing shameless self love. Their show ‘Tasty’ is an explosive orgasm of venereal proportions, an STD-slap to the senses where the part human - part fatberg progeny beckon fatberg deities through butter sculpting, sacred potato popping and sandwich making ceremonies. Will they succeed in drawing you in to their carnal carnival?

Dominatrix extraordinaire Madame Esmarelda - I am M A D A M to you. Once I have removed all of your clothes you will kneel down at my feet, I am going to collar you and you will submit yourself to me. While this collar is on you are under my control and it is your duty to please me. Come and see Madame exert her powers over Brolloks Boggel and Zet...can they handle the pain? CAN YOU HANDLE?

First time screening of our film, 'South African fried humans' It takes us right into the greesy back end of the commercial fried chicken business. With Poef Papa setting up his doggy back street shop, nothing could go wrong right?
Until Mensvreters show up very hungry without any appetite for chicken or chips...We see the new generation of chickenpheliac teen fry cooks, zombified on Xanax and brainwashed by shitty mumble rap music; the perfect prey...You have never seen a happy meal quite like this! Forget chicken wings, chips, hot dogs, curry sauce, mayo and ketchup, with a strictly HUMANS ONLY diet every ingredient needs a human substitute...A story is never complete without a bit of romance. A couple inlove having a lovely romantic meal in Poef Papas chicken shop, unsuspecting of what is about to happen once 3 hungry savages burst in to devour their cannibal happy meals....Let’s hope Poef Papa doesn’t find out what just happened in his shop.

Along with out Lastest music video 'Tokolosh tracker' sure to rattle your brain loose and get a Tokolosh tracker inserted up your prolapse..


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