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Sick on the Bus, Backstreet Abortions, Kool & the Gang Bangers


The Old Blue Last

38 Great Eastern St EC2A 3ES London

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FRIDAY the 14th of FEBRUARY 2020

Sick On the Bus
The Backstreet Abortions
Kool & the Gang Bangers

The Old Blue Last
38 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3ES

DJ Hey Paula !!


A Punk Rock band formed in late 1989 from the then disbanded Varukers with guitarist Biff, bassist Brian and kev on drums, still with a passion to play hard hitting punk music but this time with a more dirty rock n roll edge we started rehearsing in Rock Snake studios in Rushden.

After being together for eight weeks and with Doug joining us on vocals we band did first gig at the Vine in Newark, with eight original songs and the other half of their set being covers by bands like The Damned and the UK Subs, this gig ended badly after we refused to turn the volume down and the police were called.

Our first demo Get Sick was recorded in early 1990 and a few months after that Doug left the band, a spate of vocalists followed but eventually Biff took over as we were tired of trying to find the right person.

Sick On the Bus were by now playing up and down the UK but Kev was now finding the drive from Newark to Rushden to rehearse too much and decided to leave, a replacement was found with Paul Blaber (RIP) Tony Evans an old school friend of Biff's joined on second guitar and gigging continued.

Shortly after recording their debut self titled album Paul very sadly and suddenly died from leukemia.

With Wag ex Legion Of Parasites now on drums we started touring Europe, America and Japan and over the next few years recorded three more records, Suck On Sick On The Bus fuck Heads, Punk Police and Go To Hell coming out on labels Data Records, Go Kart Records, SOS Records and Deck Cheese before Wag decided to call it a day.

Now with Skum sat on the drum stool we recorded 3 new track on a split single with The Destructors and are currently working on our new album.


The original 1990 members from Sick On The Bus with Jesse Smith on vocals with songs about abortion, drugs and domestic violence.

"After all the bullshit about planned parenthood and women’s right to choose, this ex junkie Mexican mixed race immigrant is pissed off so I wrote some fucking songs!"

Kool & the Gang Bangers

No fidelity punk machine

“Rock’n’roll blown out and lofi beyond repair, just the way I dig it. Kool and the Gang Bangers sound tuff and mean, like a group of hooligans looking for a good fight on a Friday night. It sounds akin to Sick Thoughts, or Personal and the Pizzas, or all those dudes down in Atlanta (but before they started dressing like glam rockers and getting soft).” - Turn on the tube

“A blast of scratchy, lo fi nihilism. Minimalist punk rock songs that don't outstay their welcome, cheap & cheerfully recorded and very good indeed." - Just some punk songs

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