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Skronktronic #26: curated by The Doll


New River Studios

199 Eade Road N4 1DN London

Gig Description

Our first SKRONKTRONIC of 2020 and the first of our curation series, this time The Doll is in charge and what a line up...
Maryam Hashemi (live painting)
Yol & The Doll
Toxic Chicken
Ciara Mulholland / Ivy Nostrum / Unknown Rockstar
The Oneirologist & Bettina Schroeder

This is also a tape release for Toxic Chicken's 'Best Friends'
More details about performers below


Multi-instrumentalist noise artist Lisa McKendrick performs using
instruments, DIY FX, self-built synths, light toys and kinetic devices.
Her music is an exploration into the possibilities of instruments,
electronics, collected sounds and the human voice

MARYAM HASHEMI (live painting)
Iranian-British artist based in London, Hackney Wick. Her work is rooted
in her upbringing during wartime Iran and inspired by her colourful
everyday life.

"It is very clear that The Doll and Yol don’t need machines to create
thrilling pieces, they themselves are the noise machines that can’t stop
spreading their menacing sounds into the world! Bless them, their
unstoppable imagination and psycho attitudes that will make every guitar
punk rock duo into a adorable piece of laughingstock." - Yeah i Know It
Sucks review of 'Be Like Water'

"It has humour and a madness that at times reminds me of the great Syd Barrett and the wonderful White Noise Electrical Storm LP. It is
eccentric pushed to the extreme. Songs with the subject matter of eating politicians and love songs for cats and for Mother Nature and what is bad about England, but that track only being under two minutes long does
not quite manage to list everything." - Monolith Cocktail review of
'Uncomfortable Music'

London-based vocalist and performer
"a solo musical project by Paul Margree, the London-based writer behind
fantastic underground music blog, We Need No Swords. His second album
under the Ivy Nostrum name, Self Own, is out on cassette with
Gateshead’s bleak & brilliant Invisible City Records, works DIY black
magic with domestic trivialities and found sounds" - Tristan Bath
He is an instrumental performing and recording artist.... working with
known, unknown, and experimental elements to create recordings of
interest to those who are curious about the manifestations of sound.

Probably cow bells, noise, bags of nails and such
"An Oneirologist is essentially a dream scientist and these themes of exploring the real connotations of sleep and the unconscious had pervaded my work for many years, it became a way to look at ideas around philosophy, psychology and human nature in more abstract ways."
"Bettina Schroeder manipulates sound on the electric Ukulele, pushing boundaries and definitions of conventional music. Her approach incorporates distinctive and unorthodox ingredients to create music without rules, beyond logic."

Source: Facebook