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Gary Clail Sound System + Tony Wrafter + DJ Chris Liberator + The Pink Diamond Revue + Dogshite + Acme Sewage Company + Vukovar + DJ Fuzz


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Gary Clail Soundsystem – Tonight is the second of our last Friday in the month residencies with the legend that is Gary Clail. The Brizzle roofer turned magical, mercurial MC cum radical and righteous sound system manipulator is back and then some…his new album ‘Violence’ is the ‘End Of The Century Party’ for 2020, an absolute cracker of a record and a return to form right up there with his best On U Sound material. With fellow Bristolian legend brass and woodwind man Tony Wrafter (Tricky, Glaxo Babies, Maximum Joy etc) as his musical right hand man there’s a deep resonance at play with this fabulous new material, still hot on social comment but head warpingly good to dance to too. Gary will be MCing, live mixing, DJing and collaborating with other artists tonight and last Fridays in the DC for the next few months.  Pink Diamond Revue – Largely instrumental electro rock, with some vimmy vocal samples and other arousing sounds part buried in the mix.. Revolting Cocks via Trans Am perhaps. Artful and invigorating. Chris Liberator, legendary festies techno DJ provided the soundtrack to many a bangin’ night of gurning back in the day and he’s here with us tonight to kick us up the arse with some pulsating, propulsive, boisterous plates once more. Excellent news for all of us who enjoy the relentless, head wrangling end of electronic trance/dance muzik. Chris also happens to hit the skins for Uber Punk joyriders Dogshite; here tonight for us to roll around in. What a glorious stonking stink their urban up and at em tell it how it is ferocious pop punk is too. Brill. Acme Sewage Co. – with the glorious pouting Jenny Darling to the fore not only do we get dazzling punk rock ramalama here but the most apposite shredding guitar this side of James Williamson on Raw Power. Regal. Vukovar –  post punking  drudge and sludge merchants outta Manchester…and we mean this in a really good way- a Bunnymen meets Joy Division vibe but with a hint of twisted Americana and lots of narcotic slunking and slinking around.

Source: Dublin Castle website