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Tropical Nightmare Record Release Show


New River Studios

199 Eade Road N4 1DN London

Gig Description

Friday February 28th Tropical Nightmare invites friends & family to celebrate the launch of their first LP “Demo II & III”. For the occasion we are welcoming on the stage some of our favourite bands who are part of our punk community and helped us establish our presence since 2014.

We wish to thank everyone who supported us along the way and we hope this will be an occasion to build new bridges between different scenes.

Tropical Nightmare - "Polemically powerful and relentless rhythmic hardcore cataclysm from London via São Paulo. They harness a bottled energy, struggling to be contained onstage. Their evolved and now established noise punk envelops and induces a frantic swell... tone extremes bleeding through a churning rhythmic machine. A wall of noise somehow both at war and in harmony." - Maladia.

Money - “I can't listen to music too often. It affects your nerves, makes you want to say stupid nice things and stroke the heads of people who could create such beauty while living in this vile hell.” Post rock n roll from Bristol.

Zek - "True love for heavy music fused in dystopian apocalyptic rites. Get lost in blast beats black holes, bang your head against walls of low pitched mass destruction." - Tropical Nightmare.

Interior - ""LONDON BASED BRAZILIAN TRIO - Experimental FlipFlop-Gaze Queer Garage Rock. Experimenting with genre and gender, Interior (sound) scapes normative music and patriarchy, mixing South American decolonial skepticism, Brazilian life-improvisation skills and British cold wave.

Maladia - "Strict adherents to the cold lacy code of gothic punk, Maladia mine for untapped veins of flange down in the pits of despair while swigging on absinthe" - Zek.

Source: Facebook