Flash Delirium Presents: Manaia Album Launch


Shacklewell Arms

71 Shacklewell Ln E8 2EB London

Gig Description

Coming up for air somewhere between the psychedelic daydreams of Pink Floyd and the progressive world of Boards Of Canada, Manaia exists within a cinematic vision.

The original thought process behind Manaia, the project of London-based artist Valter Lima, was for his music to be exhibited in a planetarium, a soundtrack to space travel with the audience embarking on a personal journey of their own.

However, what came next was a plan to record a one-off, fully immersive live performance with a full band that includes a visual performance to a live audience; this would become Manaia’s album ‘Manaia I’ set for release March 5th.

The music itself documents the experience of travelling into space, from feeling your feet on the ground to being washed away into the unknown, a representation of a feeling so few will experience in their lifetimes.

Manaia exists in a cinematic world, a world of ambient and thought-provoking alternative rock. Channelling outer body sonic thrusts through delayed and reverberated guitars alongside tribal and ambient drum sounds, Manaia presents ‘Manaia I’.

Manaia will celebrate the album release with a live show on the 11th of March at The Shacklewell Arms, London with a full band performance complete with live-triggered immersive visuals.

Artwork by Inês Mendes
Description by Quick Swimmers PR

Support will come from:
Pearl Fish
George Jones

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