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Craic Boi Mental + LEONTAS + Psycho Yogi + Tizane + DJ Fuzz


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Craic Boi Mental – We were disappointed not to experience the full joi of the Boi in Spring 2020, when Craic Boi Mental’s Dublin Castle Paddy’s Day show was blown out by Covid. Since then his TikTok has blown up mental and he’s dropped a new, critically acclaimed album. Irish rapper. Irish themes. Irish accent in tact but it’s all about the humour and the charm here with this ‘Autistic Legend’… check out his wonderful ‘Tayto Gang Anthems’. Brilliant work.. LEONTAS – electro and dark narco rock collide with some balladeering elements- a bit of Depeche Mode in leather trews and heroin chic times maybe, some Trent Reznorisms… but mainly coming from a soulfully sung rocknroll place informed partly by Zep et al. Good voice, catchy emotive songs. Psycho Yogi – Gnarled narky snarky art punk cum jazzbo experimentation, but always with a fab sense of fun amidst the conceptual expressionism schism. These guys used to come and do Bugbear shows waaaay back…and they are back. Might appeal to peeps who dig the likes of Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, This Heat or The Contortions. Tizane – causing quite a stir at last, quite so, and talent will out…this barely out of her teens singer songwriter turns head with frank lyrics, stark beats and a killer ice maiden with soul kinda vocal… all in a pop friendly package. Fascinatingly individual covers of R.E.M and Smiths classics now added to her fine set of original songs.

Source: Dublin Castle website