Laurie Wright & The Lockdown + Sun Pinned Leaves + Charlie Harman + Superswamp Jellyfish + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Laurie Wright & The Lockdown – Gloucester Town’s secret weapons, the fiery fizz of Laurie Wright’s songcraft and acidic pop delivery augmented brilliantly by crack band The Lockdown, all fab players, and a dedicated harmonica blaster in the mix too. A fantastic blend of edgy indie and roots staples from folk and rhythm n blues traditions, this band have mass appeal. For fans of Dylan, The La’s, Tom Petty, The Stones…  Sun Pinned Leaves – Already 3 albums in (and counting no doubt) Christopher Brown and Neil Faulkner are veterans of an always healthy Kent and Sussex music scene, which is probably how they mange to hone such musically sophisticated material imbued with a beach bum’s sense of relaxed adventure. They also pull off the very clever trick of being incredibly eclectic (a drum and bass riddim here, an Ian Dury like refrain there, a Britpop motif hither, a heart wrenching ballad thither) whilst not really sounding like anyone else. Brilliant pop music basically, belying their other  (also ace) punk rock activities (Nuffin to see here). Super Swamp Jellyfish -sunny side up somewhat psychedelic Summery pop, sensational! Charlie Harman – Bath ace face and troubadour.

Source: Dublin Castle website