JC Carroll (The Members) + Still Annoying The Neighbours + Rock N Roll Book Club + Q And A + DJ


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Rock N Roll Book Club – JC Carroll, (Still) Annoying The Neighbours-  The Members‘ songwriter and guitarist JC Carroll, discussing his much praised memoir in suitably punk rock surrounds, the equally legendary Dublin Castle, as Book Club begins bouncing back from lockdown with aplomb. (Still) Annoying The Neighbours is the Autobiography of JC Carroll…Bank clerk, songwriter, musician, shopkeeper, Pantomine scriptwriter, film composer and Internet concert performer. From bank clerk to punk rocker, From bedsit in North London to rock and roll heaven in Hollywood, “(still) Annoying the Neighbours” takes its title from the lyrics of The Members anthem “The Sound of the Suburbs” and traces the journey of Members Songwriter and guitarist JC “Jean-marie” Carroll, a boy with three girls names, catapulted from suburban obscurity into the punk rock limelight and then flung back onto the music business scrap heap .. This is what JC writes in his book about his most famous song:- “I felt a responsibility to play “The Sound of the Suburbs”. That song could and would bring happiness to people that had grown up to it: it was the sound of their youth and bouncing around to it in a sweaty club for three to four minutes could and would take them back to a time where they were 17 years old with a full head of badly bleached hair, a 28-inch waist, and a fake leather jacket covered in pins and badges. That song was no longer just a song: it had become a time machine, an elixir of yoof, a magic pill that they could neck with a pint of lager to bring that youth club disco in a scout hut spinning back. It was not just a song, it was “The Sound of the Suburbs”. It was the aspirations and ambitions of thousands of bored provincial teenagers from a hundred satellite towns, bottled and aged in a cellophane wallet” Members roots, fruits and shoots shaped disco provided by Tony Bugbear, Q And A by Mr Simon Waller. PLEASE ADHERE TO COVID SENSIBLE PRACTICES. WASH YOUR HANDS. STAY AT HOME IF UNWELL. WEAR A MASK IF YOU WANT TO. THE DUBLIN CASTLE HAS HAND GEL STATIONS AND VIRUSKILLER UV HEPA FILTER EQUIPMENT IN SITU. ENJOY YOURSELF AND STAY SAFE!

Source: Dublin Castle website