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Rock N Roll Book Club + James Bond To Bjork, Amy Winehouse to George Michael + John Altman - 'Hidden Man' + Q And A + DJ Tony BookBear


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

John Altman (not that one Eastenders fans) is a huge figure in the world of music…we don’t have enough space here to tell you about even half of John Altman’s achievements, but you have absolutely, definitely heard his music. Here’s a précis: James Bond. Titanic. Monty Python. Björk. George Michael. The London Symphony Orchestra. Amy Winehouse. Levi’s. Oh, yes…And now, we can add: RocknRoll Book Club. Yay.  John Altman – composer/arranger/saxophonist will be with us to talk about one of the most prolific and varied careers in music, all under the spotlight thanks to the release of his new memoir care of Equinox Publishing‘Hidden Man’ (a title bestowed upon him by Terry Gilliam no less). Q And A hosted by Alison Beale, and a bespoke window on the wonderful world of J.A care of Tony Bugbear on the decks.

Source: Dublin Castle website