HOT VOX Presents: Teiger // Bitchin' Hour // Stonebrim // Jennifer Evans


The Fiddler's Elbow

1 Malden Rd. NW5 3HS London

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                 HOT VOX Presents: Teiger // Bitchin' Hour // Stonebrim // Jennifer Evans at The Fiddler's Elbow promotional image

HOT VOX Presents: Teiger // Bitchin' Hour // Stonebrim // Jennifer Evans




Situated in the heart of Camden, The Fiddlers Elbow is one of London’s longest running independent live music venues. Showcasing live music seven nights a week, The Fiddlers Elbow is renowned for promoting some of the hottest new names in the industry. The retro decor and musical memorabilia make this a bucket list venue for any new talent. So join us at The Fiddlers Elbow and discover your next favourite band!


“Teiger is a 3-piece from London, UK.

With a sound meandering through quiet metal and bright acoustic rock, Teiger creates a rich and melancholic atmosphere that’s both fragile and occasionally furious.”

Bitchin\' Hour

5 piece bunch of gays and theys from the UK with an attitude problem. 

You have been warned. 

Bitchin’ Hour is the South East of England’s answer to the question: ‘Huuuh!?!’. Leonie Wilson leads this witch-rock concussion on vocals with a range that some commentators have called scientifically improbable. Joining bass player and noir movie heroine, Lara Mason; ginger guitar tree Becky Bird; drummer slash registered thunderstorm, Beth Lock and the relentlessly young and talented Megan Jenkins. 

If you like loud, if you like to rock and if you don’t need to operate heavy machinery for work, BH are your absolute dream band. Or as Trading Standards have recommended we say: absolute nightmare.


The Great British Band Tradition has been in place for over 60 years. Stonebrim is its latest grandchild and strives to be the band of modern Britain.

Formed in an era of pandemic, Stonebrim are 2 years old. So far highlights include playing at career-launching venues across London and the announcing ambitions to play at Wembley Stadium in 2023.

Jennifer Evans

Moving effortlessly between experimental jazz forms, prog pop and alt punk-rock, with nods to her eclectic Puerto Rican, Taino and Irish roots,  now London-based, Jennifer remains visionary and avant-garde in her new music. With an experimental spirit that defies categorisation, it brings to mind a diverse roster of artists from Kate Bush to Jeff Buckley to Anna Calvi, and influences spanning Diamanda Galas to The Cocteau Twins. Exploring themes of loss, trauma, greed, shame and fragmentation of the self, contradictory emotions sit tightly together and it's sometimes impossible to predict how the labyrinthine songs will morph and evolve.

DOORS OPEN: 7.30pm

MINIMUM AGE : Strictly 18+ (I.D may be required)

DEALS : NHS staff and Music students (ACM, BIMM and ICMP) receive Early Bird Ticket price on the door. Valid photo ID is required and entry is subject to capacity





Source: The Fiddler's Elbow website

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