tbc + Red Light Acid Test + Anonions + Badaboum + The Pish Dolls


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

 Red Light Acid Test – While the heavy, angular riffs and big drums are the immediate pulls, the band does a fantastic job creating frenetic, anxious tension in both the music and lyrics that really hold you as a listener. If you like your rock dark, heavy and moody, Red Light Acid Test are up your alley for sure. Anonions – Purple Implosion’s side project and it’s fuzzed up kraut rock via spacerock, imagine Neu by way of Hawkwind . Psychedelically shonky, sure to please any microdoot munching maverick.  Badaboum – Wonderfully whacked out French pop (only with some vocals in German!) with a conceptual bent….they like a weird costume or 3…plus semi tribal synth pop flavas and post punk moodiness, all in all highly entertaining and sassy. The Pish Dolls – Crazy big puppets and a manipulated uber pop soundtrack. A Parisian conceptual artist who cottoned on to puppetry being a lot more pleasant than chopping a calf in half. It may not be rock n roll, but then again…

Source: Dublin Castle website

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