tbc + Tizane + The Kites + Sacha Assad


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Tizane – Superb singer songwriter with excellent band and a sassy, strident style. With some excellent  compositions that pull no punches for one so young,  and a handful of brilliantly well interpreted choice covers, this very talented young woman is quite rightly causing quite a stir in the business right now. The Kites – Built on a classic rock foundation with soaring Britpoppy melodies, tight and billowing songwriting! Kites…really taking off right now, ya get me? Sacha Assad –  a knack for blending indie-rock riffs, thundering drums and ear-worm hooks. Expect Sasha Assad to break through the London scene alongside her loud, ferocious all female band.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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