The Kunts + Khristmas Party + Petrol Bastard + Some DJ Kunts


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Kunts Khristmas Party – you’re a kunt, I’m a kunt, we’re all kunts. Especially at Khristmas, a time for utter Kuntishness. Boris Johnson however, lest we forget, as he waddles off to multi millionaire status with his filthy snout full of stolen pies (having presided over the worst government in living history), he friends is STILL a fucking cunt. As fingered gloriously on previous yuletides by tonight’s very special guests, The Kunts, formerly Kunt and the Gang, here no doubt to celebrate the advent of  the Thick Lizzy years and another glorious chapter in the jaundiced tale of UK PLC, where the embuggerment of the many by the few is seen as a badge of honour by thickos from all strata of society, although of course as we must know by now, society does not exist. A lot going down in Kuntland, if you get my meaning… ‘Have You Seen Shannon Mathews, The Musical’ (“Vile” – The Sun, “Sick” – The Star, “I can’t wait.” – Stewart Lee), last years multi banned ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce’ meisterwork, and over 10 years of utter Kuntishness encapsulated tonight in a Kunt Rock Party to die for. Beautiful. I’ve never noticed that mole on your nob? It’s not a mole it’s dogfood. Also tonight Petrol Bastard who are 2-piece sweary electro-punk outfit from Leeds, UK. Plenty to enjoy there. 

Source: Dublin Castle website

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