Dogshite + Hagar The Womb + Benefit Cheats


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Dogshite – sussed and sassy Carmel Reynolds AKA Tiddles upfront and proper crash bang wallop punk rock behind her with some pithy pop choruses and an admirable agility to play joyful ska once some skanking is required. Great punk band kids. Hagar The Womb – need no introduction as it’s been 40 years since they first trod them boards but to this day a wonderful example of how to kick ass but be accessible, and how to deal with thorny social subjects and still be inclusive and charming. One of the most under rated bands from the 1980s, still doing it, still rad. Benefit Cheats – “Power pop punk rock and roll with a sarcastic edge and the odd laugh out loud moment”, as they say re their recent “Darwenism” album. Picture The Clash and very early Skids kicking out the po faced bits and ramping up the jollies.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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