Lone Tree + Flote Solu + Agent Flipper


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Lone Tree-  a nice blend of psych, folk, trippy mainstream rock, funk, blues – it’s all there…  and Afrobeat too, and indeed they are from Nairobi,,,sounds pretty cool, and very well done at every level. Great playing, excellent  juxtaposed singing from both the girl and guy involved  Alluring new music with an evocative old school feel… Flote Solu – ‘combine Sludge/Alternative/Post-Rock and Stoner influences to create original music that excites and inspires us’… inspirations fom a mixed palate including Sigor Ros, elements of The Mars Volta, The Music, Neurosis, maybe Tool …grand. Agent Flipper-Swiss surf rock instrumentals in a pleasingly twangy Dick Dale/ Link Wray stylee, and it really swings. Great stuff

Source: Dublin Castle website

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