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The Cazales + Falsedots + Vampyra + Winemom + Space Chickens (daytime, finishing 5pm)


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Cazales – Nice punk tinged indie rock with a cool story telling sardonic edge as evinced by their nifty Manics meets The Wedding Present psycho killer tale of a pop gem ‘She Wants You Dead’…neat vid too. Falsedots – so here we are in The Ancestral Seat of Suggs and co. And the influence of Madness is also to be found in the punky reggae of False Dots…or moreover, the shadow of Ian Dury looms large, just as it did over Madness. And what a great shadow to be loomed over and upon…hence the superb fun on offer here. These chaps recently celebrated 45 years in the Biz with a cracking headline show in the Dublin. In support tonight though…versatile lads! Vampyra –  Mixing up old school punk, punk pop, rockabilly and schlock rock to great effect with nice attitude coming thru in the female lead vocal. Hailing from the south eastern parts of Kent, the band released their debut single “Fly my Pretties Fly” in late 2023. Great stuff. Winemom – looking pretty kooky n kool in their Stetson hats, these roots and indie hinged Dublin boy/gal troubadours have an excellent rapport with any audience they get to play in front of …nice work, as demonstrated on new single ‘Neptune’s Seas’ NB Today’s matinee event is ticketed  Space Chickens party £5 2pm to 5pm Space Chickens – The Space Chickens are a four piece band from Norf London. Playing “London Rock”, comparisons have been made to Mr. Ian Dury and Chas and Dave with their catchy cockney toons such as “How Many Words Can You Get, Out Of Reginald Bosanquet” and “I Feel Better Wiv Me Martens On”. And as a final name drop, drummer Pedro, played with David Bowie at Live Aid, lucky bleeder.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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