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THE BRACKISH // SWEETPOOL plus special guest JON HUNT Presented by: London Prog Gigs


The Fiddler's Elbow

1 Malden Rd. NW5 3HS London

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                THE BRACKISH // SWEETPOOL plus special guest JON HUNT Presented by: London Prog Gigs at The Fiddler's Elbow promotional image


Presented by:London Prog Gigs

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THE BRACKISH are a 4-piece experimental band from Bristol, UK. First formed in 2012, the band have released five albums and are finalising their sixth. Constantly evolving, the band draws inspiration from a wide range of musical influences, art, films, places and people.
The Brackish sound is characterised by its use of dynamics, long-form composition and improvisation. Face melting heaviness gives way to gentle, spacious soundscapes within a single composition. Kraut-like grooves, polyrhythms, violent melodic statements and psychedelic, freeform improvisation are present in equal measure. Always expressed with a strong emphasis on melody and narrative, aiming to take the listener on journeys of much needed escapism.

SWEETPOOL create a thrilling, intense melting pot of psychedelic punk, flamenco and space noises - but this isn’t just noise for the sake of noise - they love a proper tune. Think Can, Hawkwind, even The Groundhogs, hurled together with a dose of post punk. Songs like ‘In Winter’ and ‘Back to the Factory’ happily fly off into almost trance like repetition, powered by a pulsating rhythm section alongside the drone of what they call the ‘E pedal’ and augmented by bubbling synths. Then there’s the three-minute angular pop of ‘Here Are the Stones’, ‘Scissors Cut’ and ‘Circular.’ Genres are made to be ignored. Preconceptions are made to be shattered.
Sweetpool played at the prestigious HRH PROG festival in November 2023, and their debut album ‘TRIPLE EARTH STAR’ was released in January 2024.

JON HUNT is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from London. His music though often described as 'quintessentially English' is eclectic in style ranging from alternative rock and power-pop to ballads; vocal and acoustic guitar to progressive rock and psychedelia.
Jon's fourth full-length album 'An Explosion Of Nothing' is scheduled for release mid-2024.

Source: The Fiddler's Elbow website

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