Unknown Pleasures + Argonaut + Kill Bosco + Violet Blend + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Unknown Pleasures- These guys and their primal, punky, poised and perky take on the incredible Joy Division canon have been doing the rounds as long as Buggerbear…we’re a match made in heaven, haha.  Always an ace night out…yes ‘Ian Curtis’ has adapted the trademark moves a tad since he ahem died and maybe slightly more padded than you recall, and Peter Hook seems to have transmogrified into a goff Yul Bryner etc etc but don’t watch that….a brilliant and lovestruck tribute to adore. Argonaut – punky indie with tood, female fronted, gnarly and noisy but nicely abundant in ear worm pop sensibilities, for fans of The Fall, Sleater Kinney, Stereolab… DJs We Got Killers will hit up a ripe vein of post punk dance floor fun tonight prior to opening up the dance floor doors of delight to whatever your feet demand, so long as it is indeed KILLER.  Kill Bosco – Hooky probing bass lines, uber indie chiming guitars and a keening Manics like melodic appeal. Zippy power-pop ahoy. Violet Blend

Source: Dublin Castle website

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