The Bollock Brothers + The FalseDots + Neil Gowans and the Winos + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

You want fabulous institutions that are hitting their 50th Anniversaries this year? We got em…well, Jock McDonald‘s legendary punk techno disco rock and roll agents provocateur The Bollock Brothers may have a couple of years or more to go before they hit the Big Five O- but The Dublin Castle, as we know it,  under the stewardship of the Conlon family celebrates a Golden Anniversary this year- and so does the BBs label, the wonderful Charly Records. Well, let’s have a party and get Jock and co. to headline…sounds like a good plan right?  Charly Records was founded in France in 1974 by Jean-Luc Young, a promoter in his homeland who moved to the UK in 1975. A good time to do so it must be said! Although Charly was originally known mainly for American-originated jazz, rhythm n blues and rock and roll reissues (and other modern oddities, such as the Bollock Brothers!) but has mostly set out it’s stall as an album-oriented “retro” label. With a fantastic roster that produces Americana, blues, funk, gospel, jazz, Latin, popular, rap, reggae, r&b, rock, rockabilly, soul, and ska, Charly has always maintained a much respected, high profile position in the record industry, and many of it’s releases are must have additions to the discerning record collector’s burgeoning shelves. So many wonderful LPs providing a well appointed inroad to classic music of the past….DJs We Got Killers will be your dancefloor movershakers tonight. Stop Press addition –  Falsedots – so here we are in The Ancestral Seat of Suggs and co. And the influence of Madness is also to be found in the punky reggae of False Dots…or moreover, the shadow of Ian Dury looms large, just as it did over Madness. And what a great shadow to be loomed over and upon…hence the superb fun on offer here. These chaps recently celebrated 45 years in the Biz with a cracking headline show in the Dublin. In support tonight though…versatile lads! Stop Stop Press second addition – Neil Gowans and the Winos – Country tinged punk flavoured righteous guitar pop. Think Johnny Cash, The Mekons, Sid Griffin.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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