The Fiddler's Elbow

1 Malden Rd. NW5 3HS London

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The Ultimate Madness Tribute in Camden!! DONT MISS THIS ONE!!

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We are ‘Ultimate Madnezz ’ the midlands tribute act, Bringing ska to the stage in a bowler hat! We love nothing more than storming the stage! Going one step beyond from down the back, we have our sound guy keeping us on
Up on the boards it’s Richie Key, He wears baggy trousers with only 1 knee!!Pass the keys but don’t pass by Kie, nodding his head to the count of three!
Phil is at the back in the important seat, keeping time to the rock-steady beat!
Brad up there pushing out his chest,As he plays guitar in his Sunday best! Simon bowls us over with his bogus dance shuffling on his feet, but our very own music man never misses a beat!
On sax is Mark with his cheeky smile, watch him wear his Fez as we take you down the River Nile! And at the front and producing all the madness sounds, it’s Marc the craziest front man around! So if you're coming in off the streetAnd you're beginning to feel the heatWell, listen folksYou’ve done a enough research and looking, Get in in touch and make a booking, So you can start to move your feetTo the rockinest, rock-steady beatOf Ultimate Madnezz!!

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