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The Satellites + London Sewage Company + 16 Guns + Profile 21


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Satellites- are a Punk-Rock band from Acton, West London. Formed in 1977 on October 4th, twenty years to the day that the Russians launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite.The band was put together by school chums Derek Gibbs and John McCall aka Henry Strand, soon joined by Johnny Pi r Squared and Clive Warner (Norman Normal) and Maurice Devereaux (Russell Sprout) – proper punk rock names all! The first gig was at Oriel Youth Centre in Northolt with Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army! (who apparently are also still going…) on December 12th 1977. Gigs soon followed at The White Hart Acton, including one with The Ruts. And they’ve really never stopped gigging in one form or another. Great to have them back in the DC tonight, a much beloved institution of the London Punk fraternity. London Sewage Company – Mark Barnet’s long standing ace combo representing the London punk rock vibes of the 70’s via some 50s/60s cool rockin’ sensibilities. Great tunes and a proper big, full on punk rock wall of sound. Superb. And isn’t that Noel Martin from Menace on drums. Safe pair of hands! For fans The Clash, Gen X, The Damned… 16 Guns – punk, with a rocknroll grind, a la early UK Subs, raw, basic and yes very kick in the balls punk. Yeah.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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