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New Cross Inn

323 New Cross Road SE14 6AS London

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Darkwave rock from Denver, Colorado. Dead On A Sunday was formed in early 2021 by artist/producer Ross Ryan. After years of being in the electronic music scene under a different name, Ryan felt called back to his roots in dark rock music. Having never sung in a project before, he tried his hand at singing lead. The result was Dead On A Sunday's first single, "So What If It Kills Me." The track was released in August 2021, with other singles following over the next year. The debut album "Strange Days" was released in October 2022 and quickly reached millions of views on Spotify. 

Dead On A Sunday's live show is dangerously electric and emotionally charged, with theatrical makeup and sometimes orchestral instrumentation. The project's success quickly materialized after several TIK TOK posts reached viral status, with the most popular post comparing Ryan's vocals to those of Bob Belcher from the popular Fox television series Bob's Burgers, which fans have named the term "Bob-Core" to describe the band's sound. The viral videos have garnered several million views to date and have made Dead On A Sunday an active fan base of dark music lovers and the artist's debut LP as well as the recently released "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" EP.

A wanderer between worlds, that's what you could call Andrew Paley. The singer of the wavy post-punk band The Static Age originally released intimate, sensitive acoustic songs, produced by star producer Matt Squire (AFI, Panic At The Disco), among others. In the songs of his first album "White Rooms" you can almost feel the space in which they were created, you feel like you're right in the middle of it, a closeness that you first have to allow in view of the maturity and expressiveness of the lyrics. The follow-up album "Sirens" (released on Make My Day) already showed the first ambient borrowings, in which the complementary pillars Elliot Smith, Bon Iver and Active Child could be named and met with positive media response. Tours through Germany, Japan, Brazil and the USA with Garrett Klahn (of Texas is the Reason), Karl Larsson (of Last Days of April), The Lion And The Wolf, Adam Rubenstein (of Chamberlain) and Bob Nanna (Braid) followed. The album "Scattered Light", released in 2021, contained significantly more electronic components and the song "Caroline", which managed to achieve six-figure streaming numbers through word-of-mouth and an unusual cover version of the successful crust-folk band Days N Daze. Most recently, he made a splash with his song "Sequels," which was in rotation on many radio stations.


Melodic Punk Cabaret from London

Wednesday 24th July 2024
New Cross Inn
Doors 6pm
Tickets £12 ADV STBF

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