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Dublin Castle

The Prods + Andrew Robert and The Three Kings + Jerry + Go-Chi-Minh

Dublin Castle | 94 Parkway | NW1 7AN | London
Doors open:
About the gig-

 The Prods –High octane punk rock and bastard roll with massive chords and massive attitude of a Godfathers, Pistols, Heartbreakers kind- massive guitar sound, great harmonies… ‘Losing at darts, beer and motorbikes since 2010. ‘ Andrew Robert and The Three Kings-  Gritty Oasis-esque hook laden indie pop with a bit of a Muse aspect to the soaring vox. other tunes are on a 70’s gritty glam tip Mott The Hoople. Also recalls The Who. Jerry- from York, skinny yoots playing adventurous funk tinged alt/art rock, super slinky with it, a coarse and horse narrative vocal puts you in mind of The Stranglers on Peaches or something. An agreeably odd mashing together of dissonant guitar, loping drums and funk breakdowns. Elements of Jonathan Richman , Half Japanese and The Fall. Inigo Blue & The System- Effortlessly cool pop referencing Bowie but through an 80’s sounding chamber  pop filter  with a unique and rather excellent vocal up-front. Go-Chi-Minh- Garage indie-billy in the vein of Fat White Family and therefore early Fall, there’s a sleaze-punk element that reminds of The Cramps too. Ace

Source: Dublin Castle website


Go Chi Minh -

Feeding you all some good ol fashioned gimmickcore.
Sent by Jah himself.

Everything recorded at SunnyWank Studios