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Dublin Castle

The Collective A.K.A + Brunk + DJ Darren Bennett

Dublin Castle

94 Parkway, London, NW1 7AN

About the gig-

The Collective A.K.A- Magnificent mod/2 Tone covers act- so you get Specials, Jam, Madness, The Beat, Clash– all done with musical chops to die for and a whole lotta soulful attention to detail. Top Ranking, No Full Stop! DJ Darren Bennett- No stranger to nicing up a room full of soul, ska or rudeboy reggae fans is Darren,, so you’ll be in sound hands for mood setting and dance craze encouraging before, between and after the bands tonite. Brunk – Brassed up collection of punkers with a selection of handpicked covers from the world of ska, punk, rock and TV theme music. A joyous thing.

Source: Dublin Castle website