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Cult Figures + The Disco Zombies + Jowe Head's Infernal Contraption + Blc Mirror Club + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Disco Zombies- back together again after some time away, some of it in which pivotal Zombie At The Discoteque Mr Andy Ross became a music journalist and co-founded a label where in a certain Seymour got all Blurry, ya know, ya know, Food For Thought innit. Well before all that The Disco Zombies were a proper John Peel supported post punk type band with adroitly quirky songs like ‘Drums Over London’, recently re-issued and still a wow amongst discerning hipsters and dipsters. What a treat to get a Zombie invasion in the DC tonight. Apparently Damon will be down the front to have a boogie and also return Andy’s Congos album he borrowed in 1998. Proper. Cult Figures – Way back when we were proudly placing the lovable likes of ‘Live At The Witch Trials’ and ‘A Trip To Marineville’ at the front of our record racks there was a nifty little comedic lofi punk pop 7 Inch in praise of ‘Zip Nolan’ in a beautiful pinky bluey foldout sleeve …Swell Maps were involved at first but then Cult Figures became their own men and went on to create their own pleasingly ramshackle pop punk rumble… and they’re back! We’re not worthy. This man went to the doctors…and he said ‘Doctor Doctor, Can Cult Figures Make An Album Please?’…and lo , the punchline is they did. And it’s EXCELLENT. Cult Figures launch ‘The 166 Ploughs A Lonely Furrow’ tonite and we’re really chuffed to be hosting this prestigious happening. Jowe Head’s Infernal Contraption – One of the performers on that aforementioned Zip Nolan 45 was Jowe Head, taking time off from chief bass slinging, glissando shimmying, balloon squarking and full moon pocketing for the fabulous Swell Maps. Jowe has continued to plough HIS own rather lovely furrow, tilling forth a rich loamy turf rich in Anglo Lysergic pop fecundity. With The Contraption Mr Head and friends take shamanic, rustic folk tropes to the mushroom groves and groovy is as groovy does. May contain Magick. Blc Mirror Club – French romantics with a Suede meets Stooges ramalama sound that kicks ass aplenty and is rather sexy and should get us all going very nicely indeed. DJs We Got Killers – Special post punk set! Probably!! Well, and reggae, soul, punk, garage punk and so forth til 2am…

Source: Dublin Castle website