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Live Circuit Presents + Mackenzie + Candy Cane + ebede + The Tramadolls + Zebede + Duck DuckZ


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Mackenzie – Singer-songwriter who grew up in the heart of Barcelona. Living in London whilst writing music about his journey through life. Candy Cane Hannah, Izzy and EJ met in a haunted cinema and formed Candy Cane to ward off the evil forces that lurk there. EJ has their own brand of music in their nautical pop band, ‘Dreamboat Express’, and through their more mellow solo albums. Izzy explores the dark side of music with her other projects. Hannah has only recently decided to share her voice with the world. Let us entrance you with our sweet sounds. Z E B E D E- ZEBEDE are a London based neo-soul band that collaboratively blend a mixture of modern funk and vintage soul into their mix. Duck Duck Goose Band -Straight from New Zealand! The Tramadolls– an indie punk band, that sing songs about former MP’s, drug abuse, 90’s films and girls they can’t get.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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