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The Blue Orchids + Micko And The Mellotronics + of Arrowe Hill + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Blue Orchids  Still making startling music, Martin Bramah and his current Orchids return to the Dublin Castle with their spectral Northern English Doors post punk psych throb. As a certain Paul Morley said “They rave but they are not mad.”. A wonderful outfit with their own unique take on post punk psychedelics, original Fall guitarist and songwriter Martin formed the band with organ whizz Una Baines after Fall-ing out in 1979. Una left the group early doors but Martin has continued to make startling new music over the years, hence we’re pleased to announce this show supports new album ‘ ‘Righteous Harmony Fist’, suitably acclaimed as ace by Louder Than War and others… Bramah has added new drummer Howard Jones (Last Harbour/Calvin Party) alongside John Paul Moran (The Monochrome Set/Rapid Pig) on keyboards and Vince Hunt (A Witness/Inca Babies) on bass. Martin’s guitar work is a joy to absorb, slicing thru yer nervous sytem in a manner somewhat akin to Tom Verlaine meets Robbie Krieger, but all Martin Bramah. Micko And The Mellotronics – Veering between bleepy found sound electronica, jaunty post punk and psychedelic eccentric pop, the career of Micko Westmoreland has been fascinating. Now hooked up with full band including former late era Banshees guitarist John Klein, Micko takes to the stage perhaps at his most rocknroll oriented yet. Expect the kind of esoteric joy you’d imagine from someone who’s roll call includes gay porn soundtrack work for his film director brother Wash Westmoreland and his own Landline Records output of Cabaret Voltaire meets Squarepusher cut and paste goodies.  You may remember Micko from his role in Ewan McGregor glam schlock flick ‘Velvet Goldmine’ too, and for his musical endeavours with soooo many of the great and good including Terry Edwards, Neil Innes, The Blockheads, Kevin Eldon, Horace Panter from The Specials, The Stranglers, Les Rhythmes Digitales and celebrated artist Harry Pye…who said polymath? Mulitimath perhaps… of Arrowe Hill – very pleased to annonce o.A.E are opening this fabulous show. The Cat in the Hat Adam Easterbrook has led many versions of this wonderful kitchen psych scally hauntolgical happening, always supported by John Peel in the early days, but the current lineup with riddim section Ian O ‘ Sullivan and Jason Hobart has their lofi but luminescent sound thoroughly nailed. Their new Ouija Board release ‘Domestic Espionage” could well be the best yet. An enigmatic amalgam of boho melodics, rascalish social comments, found sounds and field recordings, with ace tunes that come and go so fast you’re left quite giddy. Excellent.

Source: Dublin Castle website

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