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Curtis (Joy Division tribute) + Cowboy Flying Saucer + Sister Mercedes


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Curtis And A New Dark Age– As we approach 40 years since the death of Ian Curtis (fooking hell, Closer is getting Further) here we have another Joy Division tribute, yeah tribute acts are largely naff but this is the 5th JD trib we’ve entertained in the DC coz let’s face it there’s something remarkable about even attempting the post Warsaw sound…you may say no tribute will ever totally nail the Joy Div sound but this gets mighty, mighty close than most, and yer actual Curtis is pretty believable, and the rest of band certainly have nailed the sound but haven’t insulted us by troubling too much over the look. Gotta be a great night out, albeit a dark one. Cowboy Flying Saucer- ‘Cowboy Flying Saucer is an incarnation spawned from a conversation in a Walthamstow pub. An experimental vehicle for sonic fun and adventure. Influences: time, space, electricity, tardigrades, God Saves The Earth Flying Saucer Foundation, The Middle Ages, smoke blackened paper, spring reverb, hypnosis, isolation, beer, celestial bodies, insects, rebounding objects, internal ramblings, dreams ‘To these ears also The Fall, early Stereolab, The Monochrome Set and the more esoteric end of Joe Meek – very Fall vocally, nicecheaps keys and FX and clunking chords. Great! Sister Mercedes- Ex Junkbox / The Intolerable Kidd & Friends and The Lonesome Cowboys from Hell. They live in London where they hone their witty gritty never shitty garage informed punky pop. 

Source: Dublin Castle website