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The Flicks + Lulalong + Queen Of Uncool


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The Flicks – All girl perpetrators of pithy pop punk, rocking really catchy tunes, bags of charm and they are all good players to boo. Think maybe of a UK 2019 update of  The Runaways, good stuff. Lulalong – Brash, buoyant and  hooky indie punk. Born in Barcelona the summer of 1998, Lulalong is a pink haired indie rock singer/songwriter, who bought a one way ticket to London when she turned 18 seeking solace in the music scene, and never came back. Finding her place in the big city by busking during the day and serving Margaritas by night. Cheers me dear! Queen Of Uncool – Don’t believe em. So uncool dems cool. Uber grunge femme fronted fury with great tunes, great playing and marvelous powerful vocals from Dee upfront. Ace.

Source: Dublin Castle website