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Anne Pigalle's Ecstase + Miss Dolly Blowup + Marquissa Darq + Gina Birch (The Raincoats) + Manon Aquilina + Julie Rose + Rude Mechanicals + Rotten Bliss


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Anne Pigalle– Parisienne teenager Anne Pigalle hung out with Glen Matlock and other British punks back in Paris then brought her music to Anglo-Saxon rock & roll and the late punk scene en Londres. Working legendary club nights in the late ’80s at Café de Paris and Madame Jojos, she then disappeared to California and created a music-film project in LA with Donald Cammell. Back in London Pigalle reinvented herself as a painter, photographer, performance and multi-media artist ( Amérotica ,  Ecstase). From cold wave chanson to post punk jazz Anne’s music and vocal delivery is always esoteric, astounding and exciting… and that’s before we get on to the remarkable erotic poetry. Tonight Anne Pigalle showcases her superb new album L’Ecstase. ‘Engaging, exotic, alluring, the self styled Last Chanteuse sighs and emotes a world weary ennui. Snatched glimpse of old Soho refracted through an absinthe haze. Glorious, libertine, intoxicating…’ Classic Rock June 2019.  This evening we also give you two of the finest burlesque dancers (Marquissa Darq,  Dolly Blow Up) and Mai Butoh Dance artist Mai Nguyen Tri ,  Franco Vietnamese dance seen thru an Anglo French post urban lens. Plus stunning performance art  from Julie Rose who explores the body as mise en scene.Using experimental music,  innovative narrative form and fragments of sound and image deployed in live collages that create uncanny meanings and unexpected humour.  Also the amazing Rude Mechanicals, tonight playing as a duo- artful jazzbo slinkiness and cabaret poetics and brilliantly off kilter but accessible vocalising from the remarkable front woman Miss Joe Roberts.  Oh and Baroness Von Puta , the legendary art performer femme fatale from Manchester that can turn your balls blue in 2 seconds  has also been confirmed! STOP PRESS Addition to the bill- very pleased to welcome Gina Birch along to this happening. The Raincoats’ guitarist/vocalist will be performing a bespoke set tonight .      

Source: Dublin Castle website