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Those Naughty Lumps + Bite Me + L.O.A.D + The Long Knives


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Those Naughty Lumps – 2 albums under their reformed belts and original post punk pop/new wave funtime surrealists yer Lumps are hot to trot 40 plus years after they hit Erics and other Liverpool stages and beyond. Original Zoo Records recording artistes, they even once included one Julian Cope on bass. Maybe he’ll be down tonight with his harmonium?… from Iggy Pop’s Jacket to Jackie Charlton (a song about reciting the 1966 England World Cup Squad in order to postpone ejaculation no less) all life is here. But point of order- how can five foot one Iggy Pop’s jacket be bigger than Lead Lump Peter seven foot five??!! Bite Me – five of the sassiest girls playing the absolute sassiest punk pop n roll music, with elements of Suzi Quatro, The Runaways, L7, X Ray Spex.…fabulous. L.O.A.D – AKA The League of Angry Drunkards…but don’t fret, these Oi Boys are proper gents. Ya get punk covers, concentrating on the big bollocked heavy end of the genre from the Pistols (a great God Save The Queen a bit like Motorhead‘s version) to the better and beefier end of street punk, top entertainment. The Long Knives – Taking the early street punk feel and tangling it all up with a little post punk nous…this lot hit a fantastic growlsome vein of Ruts meets UK Subs/Upstarts righteousness, and maybe a little bit of that Idles/Slaves vibe too.

Source: Dublin Castle website