The New Sticky + Kath and the Kicks + Lilith's Army + The Hoaxes


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

The New Sticky – with a wonderful debut single (“Freaky!”) that references punkish funkish fare such as Fire Engines and Gang Of Four, but all with a great sense of fun…hey, there’s even a little Haircut 100 in here, and other ace eighties dancefloor friendly stuff. No Arran jumpers though…they’d get far too hot. Hot and Sticky indeed. Meet The New Sticky. Kath and the Kicks – Female fronted alt rock, think Patti Smith meets PJ Harvey. It’s a fine melange…bluesey, grungy, garagey and touches on New Wave in places, compelling stuff. Lilith’s Army – invading your heart with grunge, hard rock, rousing punk touches. The Hoaxes – kooky keys flavoured indie pop rock

Source: Dublin Castle website

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