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Maniac Squat + Wicked Splinters + Fifteen Lions + Bob Gordon


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Maniac Squat – When not managing other artists (Liza Ronson, Brazenhead) and operating as a record label MS are psychedelic envelope pushers par excellence, an art punk band from Colchester who had a cult hit with ‘F**k Off’ in the mid-90s (single of the week in Kerrang!)… support slots for Babes in Toyland and Zodiac Mindwarp also followed but Maniac Squat made their last record in 1996 and promptly split. Now they are back, with three members of the original line-up reconvening to record a stunning concept album of experimental art-rock. The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary, which also leans heavily towards jazz, has been inspired by the work of eighteenth-century Christian mystic, author and philosopher, Karl von Eckhartshausen. The band have teamed up with an all-star ensemble of guest musicians headed up by legendary Bowie/Iggy Pop sideman, Kevin Armstrong, who also produced the album. Joining Kevin – and the original Maniac Squat alumni of Tom Wilcox, Scott Pearce and Michael Giaquinto – are Iggy Pop’s drummer, Mat Hector; PJ Harvey sax player, Terry Edwards; and rising star Manchester-based rapper, El Zeeko. The release is accompanied by an equally stunning seventeen-minute video by art director/film producer, Rob Russell. (  Wicked Splinters – spectral indie/psych folk and blissed out rock – and all very interesting for sure. Quite oblique and unyielding, these Splinter folk may be fully paid up members of the pop awkward squad…but we mean that in a purely good way…a bit of Syd/early Floyd for sure. And a bit of Dark Side Pinks too. Beautiful stuff. Fifteen Lions–  lovely fizzy and bright post punk edginess…elements of Wire, The Stranglers, Japan…good work. Bob Gordon –  beautifully hewn psychedelically inclined classic pop with widescreen big drama dynamics- Richard Hawley, Scott Walker, Jimmy Webb…impressive.

Source: Dublin Castle website