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P45 + The Bad Cadillacs + Daddy Those Men Scare Me + DJs We Got Killers


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

P45 – P45 were formed by Jack Kendal star of ITV’s massive noughties hit TV show Bad Lads’ Army,  no longer Naughty, Jack and co. are a proper working class London band embracing a lot of the nuances and grooviness of their forebears (Madness, Ian Dury, The Kinks, Small Faces) and play a marvellous reggae/ska/punk/new wave/mod combination they have sometimes called Cockney Opera….all done I’m a sweet spot targetting, thoroughly pro stylee. The Bad Cadillacs – punk and new wave covers with loads of fire in the belly. Daddy Those Men Scare Me –     More prosaically down to earth and utterly English in their punk rock approach, the deliriously good Daddies have nearly been doing it as long as Spizz…well not quite, but their Stranglers/Members/Squeeze informed crafted indeed crafty punk pop is a joy we’ve beheld at Buggerbear since oooooh 1994, wowsers.  DJs We Got Killers – big hitting party tunes for Saturday night dancing til late. It’s the best Saturday night out in Camden Town…  

Source: Dublin Castle website