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Rock N Roll Book Club + Griff Griffiths + "I Was The King Of Spain" + Q and A + Circa79 + Gideon Karting + 'Never Work With Your Idols'


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

I Was The King of Spain: ‘Somewhere between Spike Milligan and Al Murray..’ Author Griff Griffiths writes with a candour and honesty that makes his escapades totally compelling, taking his audience on a literary rollercoaster that prompts in them a raft of emotions. A lifelong mental health sufferer – at one time being institutionalised believing he was indeed the king of Spain – Griff’s stories include… a bizarre drug deal involving Beatles photographer Bob Freeman and Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant in a Marrakech street market! Sexual encounters with one of Kid Creoles Coconuts! Business dealings with the Krays, breaking up a fight with 80s heart-throb, Rick Astley, to saving the life of one of the rap duo Salt-n-Pepa at a London Smash Hits party! Griffiths also co-produced and directed the documentary Are They Hostile?, a gritty feature length documentary on the Croydon Punk, and New Wave scene between 1977 to 1980 featuring crucial bands such as The Bad Actors, The Straps, The Daleks and The Marines. Tony Bugbear is in conversation with Griff about this acclaimed book) published by Olympia) tonite, with an audience Q and A to follow. Books will be on sale, to be signed by Griff, meet the author, have a chat, take some selfies and enjoy a DJ set reflecting the book’s remarkable contents. And that’s not all, because the evening get’s topped off with a performance by Circa79, drummer Griff’s very own punk covers band, latest in a succession of ace outfits to feature our man’s talents- with the tantalising tagline, Punk and New Wave for the masses. But why take one author into the RNR Book Club when you can have two? Yes…2 for the price of 1 (but sorry, not the books, both on sale tonight). Our first author Q and A this evening is with Dutch music biz mover shaker magnifique Mr Gideon Karting… For more than twenty years Gideon has been a fixture in the music industry. He started at the bottom as a concert billposter and worked his way up to the highest level of concert promotion. He was one of the top promoters in the Netherlands, having promoted all the Dutch shows of a wide range of leading artists, including Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, Adele, One Direction, Arctic Monkeys, Bruno Mars, and BTS. For many years he was also responsible for the programming of major festivals like Lowlands, North Sea Jazz, and Pinkpop. ‘Never Work With Your Idols’ is Karting’s insider view of the music industry, full of dry humour and sardonic insight. In this amusing but practical guide Karting shares the fruits of his experience with his reader, guiding them through the music industry and its wealth of stories. Karting’s 35 Commandments give aspiring music professionals all they need to help them make a successful career in this sector. Never Work With Your Idols is essential reading for people starting out in the industry and a real nostalgia trip for seasoned insiders Two great characters from the world of popular music. Two great books AND  great band. Promises to be a wonderful night.

Source: Dublin Castle website