Palm Olive (The Slits) + In Conversation with Tony Bugbear + Fighting Dragons In The Land Of Concrete + RnR Book Club + Special Guests + DJ Gina Birch


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

Kick Down The Doors and Bugbear Presents- Palmolive at RNR Book Club – Paloma Romero McLardy’s soon come hotly anticipated memoir ‘Punk’s Palmolive – Fighting Dragons in the Land of Concrete’ must be one of the most eagerly anticipated punk diaspora books for many a year. Just when you thought the school of ‘76 literature had been exhausted, here’s a major player with a fascinating tale to tell, spanning Franco’s Spain, her life with the pre Clash Joe Strummer, the highs and lows of punk rock UK, and so much more, and along the way shaping one of the most influential, idiosyncratic and balls out daring of punk era outfits, the no balls, no bullshit genius that was The Slits. Not to mention her pivotal role with post punk game changers The Raincoats… In conversation exclusively with Tony Bugbear at the Dublin Castle RnR Book Club tonite ahead of a Rebellion Festival Literary Stage assignation, also presented by Kick Down The Doors PR, we are very pleased to welcome Palmolive to our stage to discuss her forthcoming book, and explore a life at the Cutting edge of music, culture and seismic societal change. Palmolive will also be presenting a fascinating video as part of this evening’s entertainment, and we are anticipating that some of her former artistic associates will also participate in the event. Palm Olive’s former partner in The Raincoats Gina Birch, a legendary post punk era figure for sure, will also be with us this afternoon as guest DJ, spinning some suitably spiky and on point tuneage. NB This is a matinee event. Doors 2pm

Source: Dublin Castle website

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