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SYLFEST! + Frank Secich + Graeme Douglas (Eddie and the Hot Rods) + The Resistants + Paul Ronney Angel (Urban Voodoo Machine) + Mike Spenser And Patrice Picard (The Cannibals) + Anne Pigalle + Taurus Trakker


Dublin Castle

94 Parkway NW1 7AN London

Gig Description

SYLVAIN SYLVAIN CANCER TREATMENT FUNDRAISER- Sylvain Sylvain, songwriter and original longtime member of the New York Dolls played some shows in the UK last Summer and Bug Bear were overjoyed to be involved in what turned out to be a quite remarkable series of real cool happenings. Syl was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has been undergoing treatment that appears to be moving along successfully but has a long way to go. There is a Go Fund Me campaign under way and Syl is currently a little short of halfway to the $80,000 minimum required. No NHS in the USA folks. So all Dolls fans and admirers please dig deep, or just buy a ticket for this show. All profits after basic running costs will go towards the fund. Let’s get Syl back on his feet.   A word from syl…   Hi Everybody: I know there has been some curiosity, speculation and, yes, rumor about why I haven’t been Rampaging songs on FB or, more importantly, out on tour promoting my book “There’s No Bones in Ice Cream” and playing in a town near YOU. First the BAD news: For about a year now, I have been battling cancer. Then the GOOD news:I have an upcoming surgery with a great doctor that may do the TRICK. There will, however, be a somewhat long recovery period (at least a year). I have not been able to work since last year and have more surgery scheduled. I love life! As hard as life has been to me these past 2 years I want to live and I know with your love & support I’ll have the best chance that I could ever have, Love Sylvain Sylvain   FRANK SECICH – Frank’s memoirs of his rock and roll adventures and life experiences ‘Circumstantial Evidence’ have just been published and recount the stories of his time with such great American groups as Blue Ash, The Dead Boys, The Stiv Baters Band, Club Wow right up to the present with The Deadbeat Poets. GRAEME DOUGLAS (EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS)- Performing a special solo slot tonight hot off the back of the triumphant last ever Hot Rods show last month. TAURUS TRAKKER, the primal art punk duo as produced by Mick Jones join the bill… RICHARD STRANGE (DOCTORS OF MADBESS) With LILYBUD Richard Strange pays homage to the New York Dolls with a sneak preview of some tunes from the first new Doctors of Madness ( “the missing link between David Bowie and The Sex Pistols- The Guardian) for 40 years.   MEMBERS ONLY!- JC CARROLL (THE MEMBERS) with JOHN PERRY (THE ONLY ONES) The return of the Nearly New New Wave Superstars who were such a big hit at Polyfest ’18…. we are not worthy…but Syl is.   ANNE PIGALLE – From cold wave chanson to post punk jazz Anne’s music and vocal delivery is always esoteric, astounding and exciting… and that’s before we get on to the remarkable erotic poetry. Her superb new album is L’Ecstase. ‘Engaging, exotic, alluring, the self styled Last Chanteuse sighs and emotes a world weary ennui. Snatched glimpse of old Soho refracted through an absinthe haze. Glorious, libertine, intoxicating…’ Classic Rock June 2019.     TAURUS TRAKKER, the primal art punk duo as produced by Mick Jones join the bill… Also playing – PAUL-RONNEY ANGEL (THE URBAN VOODOO MACHINE), MIKE SPENSER & PATRICE PICARD, (THE CANNIBALS), THE RESISTANTS, ANNE PIGALLE, DAVE RENEGADE, JC CARROLL (THE MEMBERS), JOHN PERRY (THE ONLY ONES) AS MEMBERS ONLY!, TAJ AND BRADY (LONDON SS), KNOX (THE VIBRATORS), MONKISH…    

Source: Dublin Castle website

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